globe-stageCharacters of the City – Footsteps of the Famous

Bring your history books to life in this ‘Characters of the City’ walking tour as you follow in the footsteps of  legends such as Shakespeare, Drake, Wellington, Wren, Whittington and even the darling of the silent screen Charlie Chaplin. Be entertained and amused by their stories, astounded by their passion, ambition, hopes and dreams.


leadenhall_bgIt’s all in the Curve

This is a fascinating introduction to how the ‘curve’ is seen as a significant and often very unusual feature of 12 iconic structures within the City of London ‘Square Mile’



Highlights of the City

This tour begins in Paternoster Square home to the London Stock Exchange, the 1st Dates Bar, a modern sculpture and relics of the old City in the form of ‘Temple Bar’ the wonderfully restored and only remaining gateway of the 17th Century City.



gfolThe Great Fire of London Tour

In the early hours of 2nd September, 1666 a small fire had broken out in Thomas Farriner’s  bakery in Pudding Lane. As the night rolled on its sleepy residence were rudely awoken by the sound of frantic shouts from neighbours, the smell of smoke and the sight of flames.